Philodendron patriciae

Philodendron patriciae

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Big, beautiful & healthy! (7/31/2023)
Wonderful plant, arrived with 5 big leaves (16") with a lovely sheen. Potted it in a chunky mix of perlite, leca and orchid bark in a slotted orchid pot. I'm in Washington state, the day temps are 75-85F and nights are 50-60F. I ordered one in April and picked it up in Tacoma in late May, but it perished within days of arriving, so I took a chance and bought a replacement.
Came in perfectly (3/29/2023)
I'm impressed (8/15/2022)
The size of the plant wow! The biggest leaf is over a foot long! I'm very impressed by the size of it, however the root system was not great. I chopped it in half so it's easier to re-root. Will see how it fairs with the acclimation process since it's my first try with this philo
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