Philodendron angustialatum

Philodendron angustialatum

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Great (4/22/2022)
A big healthy piant that acclimatised super fast and started growing really a lot
Ok (4/1/2022)
I got the plant on March 9th and today is April 1st.
It got a heatpackbut far away from the roots and great packaging.
When it got sent later than expected, the service was fast and told me when it should be shipped.
It was bigger as expected ( 6 leaves) but most of them damaged. Atm all are still on the plant but some went yellow partwise. You can see that a new leaf died in the cataphyll but that's because of the shipping I think. That's ok.
The leaves are pretty more juvenile compared to the pictures so don't expact that shape.
The growth pattern reminds me of Philodendron Hastatum Silver Sword.
For the price it was ok.
Very bad condition (3/14/2022)
I remembered that when i received this plant, most of the leaves are yellowing. Tried to revive the plant but the new growths are always turning brown or yellow. This condition continued with every new shoot growing which i suspected there could be some virus at play, the plant eventually died.
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