Philodendron lynnhannoniae

Philodendron lynnhannoniae

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Average rating: 2.3
Plante arrivée déjà fripee (3/6/2022)
Plante dont le feuillage est arrivée fripee et n à pas supporte le rempotage du jour 1 heure après le rempotage s est trouvée mal et toutes les branches se sont ramollieset tombées à mal vécu le voyage pourtant rapide ups en 3 jours
Small, crisped up and root rot (2/14/2022)
This plant arrived at my place in a sadly very rough state.
It had rotting roots and the bottom leaves were already kind of crisped up, the top ones mushy and yellowing.
It also is a lot smaller than what i expected to get and is shown on the pictures.
smaller than expected but I would buy anytime again (2/14/2020)
A wonderful plant. Although significantly smaller than in the picture, it is still beautiful and a good catch! It had no acclimatization problems, settled in well in the terrarium and just got the first new leaf. Thank you for this truly beautiful plant!

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