Philodendron alatisulcatum

Philodendron alatisulcatum

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Customer ratings for Philodendron alatisulcatum

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 2.7
Good full plant, but damaged leafes (4/28/2021)
The plant came with 5 plants in the pot and good roots. One of the 5 plants was really big but got 2 leafes with a bit of damage. It's a beautiful full plant!
Not great (4/19/2021)
This plant just didn't do well. The roots were rotted and it dropped all its leaves. I only have a stem left that I am trying to root. The stem is quite woody so I don't have much hope. Sad about this on. Looks really nice in the picture.
2/5 (3/22/2021)
The plants was in rough shape after shipping, thd leaves was yellow and died so I only have the node left. Hopefully it’ll survive

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