Philodendron werneri mini

Philodendron werneri mini

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Came in decent condition but is struggling to adapt (5/30/2021)
This plant was really a mini plant and is very cute, but small. There was some damage to the plant and it lost 3 leaves, but it should survive. The roots were not in great condition, so I trimmed them down and let it rest in water for a few days, then moved it to moss. It has really struggled to acclimate to my house and has not really shown much growth since I got it about a month ago...I have it in an Ikea cabinet at 70% humidity and about 70-75F. It is in moss with a heat pad.
Unique shingling philodendron (2/25/2021)
Unique rare philodendron. Plant arrived safe and very healthy. Beautiful, good size plant.
Cute but really mini plant (1/25/2021)
arrived with one leaves and had a good root system. it really a mini shingling philodendron. Acclimatizing well in my environment.
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