Anthurium pseudoclavigerum

Anthurium pseudoclavigerum

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Beautiful plant with strong growth habit. Great addition if you have the space. (5/20/2022)
I picked this up at a pop-up show in New Jersey. It was a relatively large sized plant with only 3 full sets of leaves and 3 leaves broken off the petiole. There were heaps of aerial roots on this plant. It looked rough when i got it but settled in nicely after a couple of months. I grow most of my plants in Ambient humidity, so i lost the aerial roots when i repotted it. Right now i'm on week 2 of it's second leaf in my care. It took about 8 weeks time from 1 emergent leaf til the next. This is a great addition to a collection, if you have the space
Good (4/21/2021)
Happy (4/19/2021)
Cool looking plant. It doesn't have the five slit leaves yet, only 3. Its a little say and droopy but otherwise in good condition. Happy with my purchase
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