Geonoma atrovirens

Geonoma atrovirens

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Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 2
Ordered 10 - Arrived Alive - All Died (6/13/2023)
My third review. First order, ordered 3. All DOA. Second order, ordered 10, all arrived alive but then all died under optimum growing conditions for the species which is intermediate warm and moist conditions. The species apparently does not tolerate barerooting and the journey to an Ecuagenera in the USA. I planted them within 65 minutes after pick up with their own media. Ultimately an utter failure, although I had wished for much better results.
Arrived Alive! (4/27/2023)
My last order of this species was DOA. This order I had shipped to the local Ecuagenera and drove to pick them up. I requested they be watered upon arrival from Ecuador, and this is probably the ONLY thing that saved them. Portions of leaves were dried, but I raced home and potted them up and placed them in a sweat greenhouse and they seem fine. Lovely species.
Arrived dead (9/23/2022)
I gave the three palms I received to revive. The medium was bone dry when delivered. It is a lovely species, but I am afraid to order them again.

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