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Lepanthes telipogoniflora

Lepanthes telipogoniflora, Found in Colombia at elevations of 400 to 700 meters, it is warm growing epiphyte, blooms the year round successively single flower of 1 to 1,5 cm.

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Number of ratings: 20
Average rating: 4.2
Product arrived on time but plants were Bone dry. Trying to rehab them now. Will try to follow up…
Wonderful little plant. Can't wait until it blooms.
My favorite !
Came in small bit after a month is already growing 3 flower stalks with closed lantern like flowers and I absolutely love it !
Didn't do well in shipping
This little tiny plant lost most of it's leaves in shipment. It was packaged well but the leaves looked like they might have rotted. Maybe too much moisture in the protective packaging. Not sure. I've had it for 2 weeks now and it seems to be perky and I hope it will start some new growth soon.
plant in good condition
get flower within 4 weeks
Ok i guess
Came in super small and was bouncing around in the container lost all but one leaf within the first week but I’ve been able to keep it alive since then no new growth though in almost a month
Spitzen Qualität
Ich habe bis jetzt bei keinen der europäischen Händler solch große und kräftig entwickelte Pflanzen erhalten. Echt super!
Very Healthy
The plant I received was well packaged and very healthy. It was small, which was expected, and started putting out new growth within the first week!
Small but healthy and beautiful
This was carefully packed in a plastic cup so it arrived undamaged. I mounted it on a piece of cork. I should grow well.
Reçu une petite plante saine et bien feuillue.
Good Plant
Really good condition and blooming. Excellent.
Very tiny specimen
The plant received is healthy but SO small, not even half the size of one received a year ago. Also, this one was not mounted like the first one. I think it may not live through the transition to it's new home.
Very good
I received a healthy, medium sized, well packaged plant. It’s growing a new leaf! Very happy with my purchase.
super cute!
This little guy has had flowers on it ever since I received it. One of the few Lepanthes that I find will do well in climates with warm summer temperatures as long as it gets high humidity and strong air circulation.
Super micro orchid
This is the smallest clumb plant and considered very expensive. It thrive in my terrarium so far . I am using aquarium . So far so good.
excellent +++
This is the first time I ordered from Ecuagenera and I am very happy with my first trial plant which was received in excellent condition. Have already placed an order for three more plants.
Great mini-miniature orchid
This one suffered a little in shipping, lost some leaves, with 10 surviving. New leaves started growing at week 3. Leaves are about 1/2 inch with shorter petiole. Mounted on cork, growing in a terrarium with LED lighting at about 700 fc. Keeping constantly damp, with humidity between 65-85%, and air circulation provided by a mini fan.
Perfecta de Salud
A mi me llegó en perfecta condiciones a España mi pedido de lephantes y cada vez que hecho pedido y algúna me llega en mal estado y me envían otra siempre , tienda 100% responsable
A shame
I'm really deceipt! The 2 plants where completely dry, in a really bad state, 3/4 of the leafs are gone! I already bought a calodictyon who's coming sick and died on month after coming!I tought it was an accident, now i buy 2 telipogoniflora and they come diying! Pfff....