Philodendron verrucosum (medium)

Philodendron verrucosum (medium)

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Was expecting more (3/26/2022)
It's honestly very juvenile. My plant fortunately came in very healthy and green and sturdy, with a great root system, but it's smaller in person. Mine had 5 leaves upon arrival, and 3 good nodes with aerial roots which was appreciated. No root rot at all! Acclimated quickly. Just saying though, not mature at all!
Only a stem was left (2/8/2022)
All leaves on this plant were yellowed and dead,. I don't understand why this plant was shipped to me in this condition. It makes absolutely no sense at all and I don't believe that the damage occurred in transit from Florida to the north east. It was only in the 50s when I received it so the weather was not an issue. I choose not to request a replacement because the temp in my ares dropped below 30 shortly after. The plant had to have been packed like that. I guess the only time that nice plants are sent is if you identify yourself as a youtuber and tell them that you'll be unboxing the plants online
Updating Review (2/8/2022)
Christian finally got back to me after seeing my previous review and helped me with getting a new plant. This one came in MUCH better condition. Still a bit wilted from the travel but at least most of the leaves were not already dead (just beware that philos do NOT ship well). Thanks for being good on your promises, I will order again based on this customer service!
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