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Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset

Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset

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Number of ratings: 24
Average rating: 3.9
Might even consider this prettier than the rubrijuvenile "El Choco Red"
5 stars for ecua, 1 star for the verrucosum being a jerk
This plant is gorgeous - but verrucosums don't do well with shipping. Mine was pretty beat up when it arrived but that is NOT Ecua's fault. They offered to replace it because of the condition it was in, which shows what an awesome company they are!! Currently waiting for my replacement to arrive :)
Cosmetic damage during shipping but I don't care because a beautiful new leaf just opened. :-)
Surprisingly good
I ordered two on sale in Jan that were delivered in March to UK. Was expecting these to die on arrival as verrucosums are notorious for it. However one week after delivery I have slight yellowing on one leaf and some shipping damage to leaves. Not a single leaf dropped - one had 4 leaves and another one had 3. Plants are 50-70 cm size with large leaves. I think good packaging by Ecuagenera crew paid a big role.
Shipped relatively well
Roots when shipped were excellent. Shipping stress cause all leaves to have a slight yellowing and it lost 2 leaves in the acclimatization process. I think its roots are starting to grow into my current substrate and I am happy on how I still have 3 good leaves and 2 activate nodes
Healthy and beautiful plant
This is the best looking and most healthy looking plant I received from Ecuagenera after 3 purchases. While many buyers have commented that this species does not ship well, I was fortunate to receive a plant with 2 healthy leaves and a new shoot (One of the leaves is slightly yellowing but expected for verrucosum). The stem and roots are healthy and the roots are still pretty moist when I received them. Thanks Ecuagenera team!
Beautiful but all of the ones I ordered are dead now
I ordered 3 of these and most of the leaves were yellow/orange upon arrival. Two of the plants lost pretty much all of their leaves within the first few days and the third one I had rooting in water (root systems were not good) and it eventually died too.
Does Not Ship Well
It is a stunning plant and right now I have it in rehab as I have cut all of its leaves. It does not ship well. I am hoping it can re-root
Doesnt ship well
I didn’t expect much because I realize these types don’t ship well. I waited about 2 months and it finally came yesterday. 2 leafs one on the way, I had to chop one of them. The roots are very thin so hopefully it’ll root soon. There are several growth points on it though so I’m not too worried. The leaf that survived is so so pretty. The red on the bad is gorgeous. I’m excited to rehab it back to its stunning self.
Better than expected
Shipped well to UK. Good root system and stem. New leaf unfurling snapped in transit but I didn’t expect it to be perfect. Leaves starting to yellow while acclimating but not too concerned due to strong roots. Back of leaves are bright red!
Received the plant with leaf yellow
Was waiting for the plant to arrived after more than 2 months as delivery was delayed due to the plant is not ready. Finally, i received the plants on Oct delivery but 2 of the leaf already started to yellow and it looks so different from the advertised picture. The back of the leaf is not as red, to me it is just like a normal Verrucusum. Sometimes we just cant trust the advertised pic totally.
Healthy but not that red at all
Received a healthy plant which shipped very well. Unfortunately I received a plant that looks nothing like the pictures at all... Front of the leaves looks like P. luxians (Like it should) but the back has just a few dark red parts (like a 'normal' verrucosum)...
Please know how to rehab imported plants.
This plant arrived with three leaves and two of them had to be removed after unpacking. Root system was adequate, but also beginning to dry out. Verrucosum are very fussy during shipping. This plant is rehabbing well in sphagnum moss and has a new leaf emerging soon. Out of all of my orders from Ecuagenera, the two saddest plants I received were Verrucosum (5- El Choco & Amazon Sunset). If you go in with the right expectations you will be pleased with your order.
Perfect condition
This one looks even better than the pictures advertised. Arrived in perfect condition, and showing no signs of shipping stress yet. Leaves are quite large, with intense red abaxials, thick stem and great roots.
Ship badly
I had to wait for 2 months because they weren't rooted yet and because that's a Verruvosum i paid the express shipping but there's still something very wrong here. Plants come from far and the packing is extremely poor. They simply wrap the plants in paper and sit them together in a tiny, tight box with some confetti. I have sent two emails over this and they said they would improve the packing and well, they didn't. My plant had 3 leaves and one new leaf coming. The new leaf was rot and I'm losing the last leaf that was left. It's quite a lot of money to waste like that. Sadly I'm not buying here anymore. I'll be trying the EU version.
3.5 rounding up.
Ordered these two specimens a few months back so had to wait quite a while for them to arrive last week. The plants are striking and beautiful. Their coloring is as brilliant as shown in the photo. One plant had 4 leaves and the other only two. The stems weren't very big and aren't attached to chonks. Roots were basically rotted and non existent. One of the stems had begun to rot so I had to dig out the rot and treat. The same plants also had fungal issues on both leaves, one of which is lost and the other I believe it will lose. Leaves were wrapped in cotton which helped protect them against physical damage but I don't think it lent much help in the dept. of fungal issues. It's yet to be seen if this plant will survive. I anticipate the other plant with 4 leaves should make it. That being said, Verru's notoriously do not ship well. I don't think ordering this plant is for the faint of heart. You should expect to have to do considerable rehab and probably best reserved for experienced growers, or at least until their stock matures. But I think you'll be rewarded with an extremely beautiful species. Giving 3.5 stars due to the wait from order time, and the one plant arriving with stem rot.
doesnt travel well..
I received a beautiful specimen, smaller than pictured but with 4 leaves and alot of roots, unfortunately the roots are very thin and dryout once out of the medium, leaves yellowed, but I am hopeful it will perk-up
Don’t even want to think about it
I feel cheated. Maybe if you is the first time buyer you was get left over shit. Waited for almost 3months, got 2 small leaves, one is yellow, one is wet rot, roots is rots. It gonna be a wet stick for sure, if I’d get one with 4-5 leaves I don’t mind loosing 2 leaves. I know it’s hit or miss with import, especially, with ecuagenera as i watched a lot of unboxing on youtube. Still, i pay the same price, i should deserve better. I’m pretty sure there’re many other people with the same situation.
not worth waiting for 2 months
I have waited for this plant for 2 months, and it finally arrived today. It was first noticed to be shipped in August, then delayed to September. The plant arrived in poor condition, with 2 leaves and one of them is dying. All root dries out. It will probably end up with a wet stick. Definitely not worth it.
Wow what a beautiful plant!
This is such a beautiful plant. I recieved a 5 node 2 leaf top cutting with a new leaf on the way. It had roots at one point but all were dead on arrival except for one tiny root. But I definitely can root it so no worries. It has huge leaves and is so stunning. Very happy with my purchase.
Wonderful plant
Beautiful verrucosum, arrived in perfect condition with nice root system, 4 leaves and new one coming. I was afraid because verru doesn't like shipping, but this one came to me in great condition!
Arrived in perfect condition
It arrived in perfect condition, three leaves and one coming. The roots looks healthy and the plant is as i expected and more. I had it shipped from Germany, and it reached my home the day after, so no long time in a box for this one.
A stunner!
I ordered about a dozen of plants and I couldn't believe my eyes - they all arrived super fresh, with big developed leaves and healthy root systems. As if shipping never happened. Each plant was carefully wrapped to preserve moisture and prevent rot. This plant is a real stunner - the red undersides are like no other plant, much more intense than a regular El Choco. The veins are also more pronounced, almost painted. It's a big chunky plant but has small damage on leaves from shipping. I'm not worried about it as it's very healthy and will have no trouble growing new leaves. Very happy I ordered it! (and I already have many verrucosums)
Does not ship well
Lovely red back, but it definitely not a plant for longer shipping. Will look forwart to its new leaves.