Customer ratings for Philodendron rubrijuvenile (medium)

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Number of ratings: 20
Average rating: 3.7
Never Received
I never received my plant or any response from them.
So far so Good.
I took a photo of my new plant and the leaves look beautiful. I put it in rain water immediately and will leave it there for the next 24 hours and then will put it back in moss for the next month.
Después de esperar mis plantas más de un mes con toda la ilusión recibo una planta que parece que haya pasado por una trituradora, a pesar de venir perfectamente empaquetada su aspecto deja mucho que desear, parece y estoy casi seguro que se envió en ese estado, ya que las heridas de las hojas se ven antiguas, no debidas al transporte. Por favor ya que no podemos elegir las plantas, enviar las mejores posibles.
Beautiful Choco!
Beautiful Choco red! Came with 5 leaves, very healthy with a good root system and very healthy growing point.
I was shocked!
This came with 4 beautiful, big leaves - with a new leaf coming in. I was shocked how well this shipped, I
I live in the UK so was expecting the worse but im beyond happy. Slight damage on the leaves but that's to be expected but healthy roots and I couldn't be happier
Pretty great for being bad shippers
I bought this knowing they are very rough shippers. And I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled out this huge 2 ft tall plant with 6 leaves and another coming in! There is some small imperfections on all the leaves but nothing too abnormal. Now a week later I am losing 2 smaller leaves (to be expected) which I'm not mad about at all, as I was expecting to lose some leaves. I was prepared for a specimen in much worse shape and having a big rehab project, but its actually in pretty good shape as it's acclimating and rehabbing. I'm ver_ happy with this big beautiful Choco!
1 star
Does NOT ship well. Plant came in all dried. No possible way of recovery. Will buy another but locally.
Stunning plant
Į read that this plant ships not so well, bet decided to risk. After long journey to Lithuania it came with excellent roots, leaves were starting to get yellow, but after succesful acclimation - already growing second new leaf ant old Ones also stayed in quite good condition.
Sehr gut
Die Pflanze kam in sehr gutem Zustand an. Die Wurzeln sahen gut aus. Die beiden Blätter haben drei kleine Macken, was man aber bei so einem langen Transportweg schon in Kauf nehmen sollte. Mich stört es nicht und das dritte Blatt ist auf dem Weg. Abgesehen davon, ist sie doch günstiger als in so manch anderen Läden.
Not great
I ordered this for preorder for a pop up. The leaves were completely yellow/brown. The new growth was also wrinkled and dry. The roots were rotted and completely brown.
I tried to exchange it at the pop up but was told the plant was fine so he couldn’t do anything about it. I was hoping he’d exchange it since they had so much stock both days of the pop up.
I understand importing comes with a risk but I was expecting to at least leave the pop up with a healthy plant.
Only good thing I can say is if my plant was healthy, they sent a decent medium size.
doesn't ship well
Not giving this plant 2 stars because of how great customer service was for me. My el choco came HUGE the first time around but all leaves were yellowed and stem/roots were rotted so they sent me another after I paid for 2 day shipping but unfortunately no leaves survived again. I was given a refund which is appreciated. just super sad this plant doesn't ship well to me. if it does ship well to you and survive, you can count on a large, gorgeous plant for the price
The older leaves was not at their best , but the stem is healthy with a lot of new growth so I am not worried
About as expected for an El Choco
Arrived with four leaves, two of which were yellowed and dead on arrival. Disappointing, but not a huge issue. One of the remaining leaves is a new leaf, still unfurling, and there’s a healthy growth point underneath it as well. Leaves were fairly small, but this is the medium so I suppose that’s alright. Root system was pretty small and mostly rotted, but this seems to be a pretty common experience when ordering rubrijuvenilles online. It’s been acclimating alright; hasn’t lost any more leaves and doesn’t look like it’s done hanging on yet. Haven’t had any new root growth yet. My biggest complaint is that the backs aren’t very red on my plant, but maybe that can be increased as it grows. If you’ve been wanting one of these, it’s totally worth a shot for the price it is.
I don't understand what happened here, the roots were a combination of rotted and crispy. The leaves, which were big and several were all detached from the plant but 2. I sent 3 emails in so many days and no one has gotten back to me. This is my 2nd time ordering Ecuagenera. They were so fast and nice the first time I had problems, now I can get a response.
Gorgeous plant, suprisingly tough
I was anxious ordering this plant online, because I had heard about how fragile it is and how it doesn't do well shipping. I ordered a few other plants in the same package and suprisingly enough, the Rubrijuvenile was one of those that arrived in the best shape ! A few bruises on the leaves, but the green is deep and the red is astonishing. A new growth even appeared 2 days after receiving. I'm not sure that every specimen would ship that well, but obviously the careful packing helped preserving it so well.
Rough but worth it
The plant I received was large. Expectedly lost leaves but the root system is great. The size of the leaves that came with the plant was impressive.
5 stars for Ecua, 4 stars for the plant (read review for deets)
I ordered this and a verru Amazon Sunset, and this arrived in FAR better condition than the verru (not Ecua's fault, verrus just hate being shipped). My choco needs some rehabbing BUT I was prepared for that!! She'll be back to gorgeous within a couple of months. For the price you pay, it's worth having to give them a little TLC. As always Ecua's customer service is incredible and super helpful!! Will definitely be buying from them again.
Very pretty plant
El choco is little dificult but came in very good condition. Lost 2 leaves after week but than come another one. I can recommended :)thank you
beautiful plant
the plant arrived beautiful and healthy, the only bad thing is that it was small