Customer ratings for Philodendron rugapetiolatum aff

Philodendron rugapetiolatum aff

Philodendron rugapetiolatum aff

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 1.8
Dead Plant Walking
I was so excited to order this plant and sadly it came as a big speciment with 5 yellow leafs. I thought, okey, that can happen. But like days passing by, the complete plant start to get soft, although soil was not dry. And then plant became softer and softer until whole plant died. That was one of the worst plants I ever got. Really sad.
It arrived in a poor condition and then it got worse
It arrived looking poorly. The roots were very dry. Leaves were either yellow or yellow. I am left with a leaveless and rootless chonk...

Out of 4 plants I ordered, this one has suffered the most and one of iother plants is verru no. 2!
Not for an inexperienced grower, be prepared to rehab
My order was part of the Canada-wide group order, when I picked it up from the designated person in my city, the plants were in loose open plastic bags with signs of yellowing. This particular plant has been struggling for over a month now, but has signs of hope. It does require high humidity and lots of attention to recover. It has lost all leaves and roots and is now growing new roots and its first leaf. I'm hoping that by the end of summer I'll be able to appreciate it finally because it looks good in photos..
Arrived in poor shape, stem damaged and molding up
Worst plant I ever received as import - arrived with leaves already yellow, damage on stem, which has been growing mold. I keep removing mold but it grows back (air is ventilated, sprayed antifungal). Never seen this before. 3 weeks after receipt all leaves are dead. And now it's discounted, so at least I could've paid less..
Died and no response from customer service
Update: I have tried to get a response from customer service twice and only received a request for pictures, to which I promptly responded to but no further responses from them regarding replacing the plant. It has been in a humid plant case yet lost it's leaves promptly after receiving and doesn't look like it will come back. Very disappointed.
Beautiful aroid
Plant arrived fairly quickly upon shipping from FL and upon opening, looked great. The leaves have a gorgeous emerald sheen to them. However, after 2 days the 2 leaves started to dry out despite planting in moist coir based aroid soil and putting into a humid room. I have since put into a glass case but the two leaves look like they will die off. Roots were minimal, hoping it will rehab.