Customer ratings for Philodendron squamicaule Blushing

Philodendron squamicaule Blushing

Philodendron squamicaule Blushing

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 2.5
Really beautiful Philodendron, some shipping damage of course but looking forward to the new leaf that is on the way.
Sensitive Shipper
Plant was received with yellow leaves that dropped right away. Roots were very poor. I had chopped it in hopes of it surviving but it didn't.
Ships extremely poorly
Ive imported maybe 100 plants from Ecua last year and this was one of the worst shipped specimen I've bought here, stress and rot ultimately claimed whatever was left of the node.
Very Badly Shipped
I received this plant with two big leaves, but they were completely brown and fell off from the petioles. And when I checked the roots, they were just a bunch of rot. I basically paid this plant for nothing. I wish I could share the pictures I took of the plant here. I definitely would not recommend this plant.
Stable & Divine
The plant came with 4 huge leaves and a baby. The root system was robust. The furry petioles are a blushing red and juicy! My mistake was to leave it alone and not check the growth media thoroughly - it was dry inside. This caused me to lose a leaf when I watered it four days later - so do check and hydrate your plant accordingly! I am very pleased with my purchase. I live in tropics with an average about 60-75% humidity.
Came with two leaves with one on the way, one leaf died during transit. Expedited shipping is probably the way to go to void any risk of plants dying or yellowing. Little roots but has been forming new ones since arrival. Overall happy with purchase :]