Anthurium regale seedlings

Anthurium regale seedlings

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Happy Customer! (4/29/2023)
The plant came in good health, the leaves were sturdy. There was a small mushy spot on one of the leaves, but overall a great plant (and quite the size for the price)!
Amazing (11/18/2022)
I live in the UK, my first time ordering from here and I was blown away!
The regale is perfect, such healthy roots, the leaves are stunning - so velvety and soft I love it!
Happy customer from Sweden (6/17/2022)
I received the plant 2 weeks ago. No problems with root rot or yellowing leaves. You can not see that it been travelling half-way around the world. As with all new aroids I buy, I pot it in my aroid mix (very gently), and place it in my glass cabinet for a month or so (with some extra humidity). Good for the plants and to make sure no bugs get a new home ;-)
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