Customer ratings for Anthurium magnificum Silver (seedling)

Anthurium magnificum Silver (seedling)

Anthurium magnificum Silver (seedling)

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 5
Beautiful quality of plant !! very strong ans healthy !!
Pretty, healthy plant
This plant was sent to me in winter at like -5° Celsius, packaged warm and save, arrived without any damages.
It´s sold as a seedling here but i got a pretty big plant with seven perfect leaves. One week after it arrived, the plant started putting out a new leaf, so very quick acclimatization and no drama at all. It already had a healthy rootball.
Beautiful and healthy
Received a good size plant with healthy roots. Nice and proportionate leaves too. Very unfortunate that there was an accident and it lost 3 leaves but it recovered very quickly and is already putting out a new leaf!
Beautiful heathy plant
Plant was shipped well packed. Heat pack helped a lot during shipping in mid of European winter weather at -10C. Plant arrived w 5 gorgeous undamaged leaves. Root system was very decent and healthy. None of leaves dropped during acclimatization period, which was rather fast one. Haven't noticed that is was so ready too push out new leave upon arrival, but it is pushing it after 2 weeks in my care.
La plante est arrivée en parfait etat.
Elle avait une feuille en développement qui se porte à merveille.
Elle s'acclimate très bien.
Je recommande.
Nice plant(s)
Ordered one seedling, but may have received a plant with 2 seedlings, or at least with multiple growth points. Stock photo is very accurate to what I received. Plant didnt miss a bit and started shooting out vigorous roots immediately. Happy with this purchase.