Philodendron verrucosum 2

Philodendron verrucosum 2

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Really dissapointed (10/08/2023)
Not only did I receive a small plant, I received one in which all the leaves are dying and dead. The plant is floppy, it has extensive root rot and a super small root system. I’m pretty disappointed in this purchase. I wish I could share pictures because it is truly so ugly and horrible.
Was better than expected (23/01/2023)
Location shipped to: SINGAPORE

Had very low expectations from this (nearly zero) because of the mixed reviews, & from people in singapore who have bought this plant from ecuagenera too.

Expected dead or yellowed leaves or a plant that is beyond redemption. However, it came in a better state than I expected although there was yellowing & browning on leaves. I'm giving this 4/5 stars because the root system is great & had lots of healthy roots, also I received the plant on 18 Jan 2023 & today is 23 Jan 2023 with a new leaf unfurling. No 5/5 stars because the aerial roots were very dried, so no to little chance of propagation.

What I did when I received the plant:
1. Get a pail of room temperature water & place the plant's roots together with ecuagenera's media in water. Let it sit in water for 2-3 hours to rehydrate & place it in a dark/shaded cool area.

2. Gently remove some of ecua's media. Do not remove all the media because you wouldn't want to disturb the roots.

3. Pot it in well draining aroid mix & thoroughly water the plant. You might need a moss pole to hold the plant up.

4. Wrap sphagnum moss on aerial roots, & place plant in a cool shaded place. I placed mine in Ikea's Hyllis shelf & zipped up the cover to create a green house.
Bouncing Back! (19/01/2023)
I knew the Verracosum doesn't travel well, but she's making a comeback! I may lose more leaves first, but the stem and current leaves are strong and the roots are bouncing back (they were dry, as expected) nicely! Ordered 7 more plants this morning. High quality!
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