Philodendron melanochrysum

Philodendron melanochrysum

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2 weeks in beautiful plant acclimating 10/10_ (26/11/2023)
Plant came with 6 leaves ranging from 6-8” each, one had just unfurled and is hardening off. Of the four plants (2 philo +2 anthurium) this one suprisingly traveled AND acclimated the best. Came with good roots and two weeks in and still have every leaf it shipped with, the newest one is almost hardened off and have another new leaf coming in already!
Beware (09/02/2023)
Plant arrived in very poor condition. There were no roots and the leaves fell off by the next day of receiving. This is the second plant I have received from Ecuagenera in this condition. I contacted them and sent pictures of the plants condition in hopes they would work with me to replace but unfortunately they would not. Thankfully, there are more reliable, customer friendly options out there.
Smaller than expected, but super hardy! (23/10/2022)
I bought one of these during the sale in August. I had heard Melanochrysums were really finicky and especially so when they’re shipped. But for $15 I was willing to take the gamble. The leaf size were pretty small for the full-size specimen, but there were 6 of them. Only one yellowed off after a couple days. It had pretty dang good roots for an imported Philo, and I didn’t have to remove very many of them. It’s currently living in moss. This was one of the first plants in my order to give any new roots, both soil and aerial, and it’s the first (and only, so far) to put out a new leaf! For that, I think it’s worth it despite the smaller size.
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