Philodendron Red Emerald

Philodendron Red Emerald

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Super beautiful and so hardy (20/06/2022)
This plant arrived so big that I had to chop it up a bit to fit it into my acclimation station! It had maybe eight or nine nodes. Only the top three or four of them had salvageable leaves, and my plant is now down to three remaining leaves - but it’s already about to put out a new one! Every node had crazy long aerial roots. Most of them were too dry to be viable, but it’s rerooted so fast that it’s not even an issue. The nodes I chopped off the bottom I threw into my propagation box, and a week later they are already sprouting new growth. This plant is so vibrantly red and the leaves are so shiny. Definitely the most robust plant in my order and totally underrated!!

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