Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset "Iricolor"

Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset "Iricolor"

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Very good (03/11/2022)
Came in during heatwave so was not good - was quickly down to one leaf. No action for a month - then grew a new leaf. Leaves do have a nice iri glow. It is also darker green than normal amazon sunset so looks quite a bit like a Gloriosum with a bit of red on the back. It seems to be more stable than normal Amazon sunset as well
Doesn't ship well (14/06/2022)
Got her in late May in Toronto. Plant does not ship well and by the time I received the package, most of the leaves were yellow. It's currently surviving on one baby petal with high humidity.
Beautiful plant! (18/05/2022)
I received my Philodendron verrucosum amazon sunset iricolor at the beginning of March.
It came with four leaves and a good root system. One leaf had some cold damage, but it was the tiniest one.
The plant looks exactly like pictured, it's lighter than a normal verrucosum, is a bit red on the back and has this lovely pink colour at the beginning of the veins. And also no hair on the petioles.
Verrucosum are known for being finicky, however it really surprised me how good in shape it arrived to me in Germany with these cold temperatures.
Mine lost two leaves meanwhile, but also put out a new one. So far I can say that this plant is not more difficult than your average verrucosum. It looks really lovely, I totally recommend it.

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