Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset

Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset

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Agree with all others here - good plant, but ships poorly (24/01/2023)
You already know you're going to lose some leaves when you import plants. I had to cut all the leaves off my VAS's except the ones that had not unfurled yet. The great thing is, the plant has good roots, and multiple growth points activating on its thick stalk. Leaves are like hair...they grow back. If you like this plant, just know you'll PROBably have to rehab for a little while, but the leaves are VERY STUNNING.
Definitely listen to their written advice (21/11/2022)
I ordered the amazon sunset knowing full well that they do not do well in shipment. I am in the US and picked my order up in the fall. It has since dropped all it's leaves but no rot. From pick up to now is about a full month. I see they are rooting wonderfully.
Know how to rehab if you order (10/11/2022)
Honestly, I only rated this less than 5 so others would possibly read my review. Verrucosum Are Notoriously Bad Shippers and this one is no exception. This was 1 of 10+ plants I ordered with expedited shipping. It is 2 1/2 months later and still in rehab mode with this one but I bought it fully aware that I would be rehabbing it. The speciman was gorgeous and big when it arrived, leaves were exactly as pictured except for some yellowing already starting, roots on Verrucosum are small and stringy to begin with so what was there was compromised by the time it got to me. However, they sent a very nice cutting with 4 nodes on it ane great internodal space. The leaves quickly faded and left and i chopped it into 4 pieces (a node per piece). 1 has rotted but the other 3 are doing well, starting to root and pushing new growth. So,all in all, I am very satisfied since I will actually end up with 3 plants not 1 but others may not be all that happy to get this one since it will take time, patience, and prop/rehab knowledge. Definitely not a plant for someone looking to take it out of the box,put it straight in a pot and hope it grows.
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