Philodendron squamicaule pink

Philodendron squamicaule pink

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Didn't Travel Well (31/07/2023)
I ordered online and picked up in Tacoma WA. This plant looked nice when I opened it, but 3 days later it dropped 2 of its 3 leaves. No new growth, but it is still green, so hopefully it will make a come back. Day temps 75-85F, nights 50-60F
Stunning plant (25/05/2023)
Plant arrived with more roots than expected, and a pretty healthy looking root system. Even most of the secondary roots appeared viable. There were more leaves than expected, and they were more beautiful than pictures. I potted up immediately and supported with a tree fern fibre pole, since it looks like it can grow a little leggy like a verrucosum.
Βeautiful plant ! (10/01/2023)
I have this plant almost 7 months now, when it came it had 3 yellow leaves and 2 green. I chopped the yellow ones and put the rest of the plant in a prop box for acclimation for a month. It started a new leaf in the prop box. After one month in there, I put it in my table top greenhouse where it grows slowly but steadily in 50%humidity and 12 hours under grow lights.
It's a precious plant with dark green leaves , burgundy undersides and fussy petioles. Love it!
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