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The website is published by the company Géneros Ecuatorianos Ecuagenera Cia. Ltda., a limited liability company (Compañía de Responsabilidad Limitada) whose head office is located Km. 2 1/2 Vía a Cuenca Sector Llampasay, P.O. Box 01.01.1110 CUENCA - ECUADOR; phone number +593-7-2255237, and registered with Superintendencia de Compañias, registro n° 31332.

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Jose "pepe" Portilla
President - Ecuagenera Cia. Ltda.

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Ingrid de Portilla

General Manager


Ivan Portilla
Vice President, Orchid Shows
Customer Representative international sales

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Alex Portilla

Photographer, Orchid Shows
Customer Representative international sales

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Elizabeth Yanza

Sales assistant

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Hugo Medina
Research Assistant

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Fabricio Suarez (BA)

[email protected]

Michael A. Riley
Sales (US, Canada)

Exposition Designer 




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