Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg

Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg


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The best deal ever for me! (28.06.2022)
I just received a huge plant and divided it. Now I have 2 big and healthy Phrag. orchids for $40! Thank you so much!
I expected more for the price (24.06.2021)
Arrived with a skinny spike that turned yellow within 2 days. In total the plant arrived with 1 mature growth with aborted spike, 2 stunt growth, 1 growth with bent leaves, barely any viable roots.
I am very thrilled with this plant (19.05.2021)
Shipping was prompt, packing was secure and well prepared for the trip. Roots were healthy and still damp. Foliage had great colour and was healthy.
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