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Masdevallia Confetti
Masdevallia Confetti

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,7
Very good!
Second time ordering this one as my husband killed the first one. I received another very large division. Healthy looking specimen! Not a huge root system upon arrival but should recover fast! Looking forward to getting blooms! Easy plant here in Ohio, zone 6.
Very good root redevelopment
Purchased 6 weeks ago as bare root. Arrived with some leaf drop. Now you can see significant and vigorous root growth through the clear pot that it was planted into.
Excellent Buy! Healthy!
I am so very happy with this plant! I received it in the dead of winter here in Ohio and the ppant is very healthy. Lush leaves. Great size! And has 2 little blooms now that are very nicely and STRONGLY scented of warm caramel and sugar and sweet musk somehow! Stunning fragrance!
Wonderful good sized plant <3 it
I received this plant with dried out moss and roots but was still vibrant and has fully hydrated leaves. It's a great size and I can't wait for blooms. I potted it right away and giving it plenty of water and put it under the Artic Air I purchased to keep all these I ordered cooler than the rest of my orchid collection. Happy growing <3
I hope it survives
Lots of leaves dropped. Too long in the box or too dry.
Very large and healthy plant! Will definitely order from you again!