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Good plant
Picked up at a November Pop-up in the Midwest. The plant arrived healthy and acclimated well.
Sturdy & easy anthurium
Arrived with 5 perfect and healthy leaves with extensive root system. It shipped very well even in winter. Now it's pushing out a new leaf and growing new roots after almost 1 month of acclimating. A sturdy and easy care anthurium. Thanks Ecuagenera!
Easy to care for
Seemingly a rather unfussy anthurium. Wasn't too attracted to it over all my other anthuriums I had so i didn't pay much attention to it, but when it arrived it already came with 2 inflos. Unfortunately, 1 inflo died and the other froze due to transplant shock, but the plant came really healthy and pushed out 2 huge beautiful leaves in SG weather. Can't wait for the leaves to grow even bigger.
Such a Cute plant
This was 1 of 10+ plants I ordered with expedited shipping. It is 2 1/2 months later. This anthurium arrived with multiple hand sized leaves and a big root system. It was quick to settle in and started adding to its already substantial root system. It bloomed 3 weeks after it arrived and by week 4 had pushed out a new leaf that is pretty close to the size of my face so definitely a happy, strong and healthy plant. Just another plant i am thrilled with from Ecuagenera
This plant part of the anthurium bundle, this plant shipped very well 7 leaves, beautiful healthy roots. very sturdy plant.
Nice large and healthy leaves
A great Anthurium, arrived well, leaves looked good, and the roots were perfect. This is another Anthurium that seems to bloom rather frequently for me, although these blooms aren't particularly showy it is always enjoyable to see them.
Shipped Well - Acclimated Ok
Beautiful anthurium. Received a large one with 6 leaves. Well packaged with Some broken roots and folded leaves, but that’s pretty typical so no complaints there. Surprisingly, this anthurium struggled to acclimate. It lost most of the leaves, with the last two barely holding on. The roots and growth point still look good, so I think it will recover. I would recommend it.
Highly recommend
Leaves were big and thick.
I have had it for 3 months and doing well.
Beautiful plant
One of the easiest anthurium and really rewarding. I Got an healthy and big plant in December with good roots and no damaged leaves , now it's flowering for the first time!
Appears to be a juvenile version
Plant shipped well with minimal scarring. This specimen from a December 2021 order appears to be a young plant of light shade and less prominent venation - not like the featured pics of deep green and well defined veins.
Beautiful full healthy plant
It arrived very large with loads of heathy roots. Leaves has minimal shipping stress.
Beautiful & Healthy
Your company expertly packs with TLC. My three Anthurium villenaorum arrived in great condition in three days from shipment. Healthy roots and leaves. Always a pleasure doing business with you.
Healthy, beautiful specimen
Arrived with no damage, acclimated with no problems, highly recommended.
Five Stars
Ordered three Anthurium villenaorum that arrived in perfect condition. Nice roots and leaves. Very healthy plants. Amazing addition to my aroid garden.
Initially worried about ordering from Ecuagenera due to apparent horrible feedback results.
Well, let me set the record straight for the h8ters & naysayers!
The order/ plant(s) arrived in AWESOME condition, it is as described and definitely EXCEEDED expectations,
1st off the plant, gorgeous (!),
2nd A very large plant.
3rd Excellent packaging, for all items and each individual plant.
4th The plants are actually thriving and not showing any signs of stress at all!
If you are feeling hesitant to order from Ecuagenera, don't be, they are a topnotch A1+++ establishment.
Unequivocally will recommend for your import plant desires!
Thank you
Hardy and robust
This ships great and has low risk. It came not having a single flaw.
Perfect. Not a single issue.
Literally looks like the advertising photo. No damage on any leaf. Shipped really well. Great root system. Would recommend.
The Most Handsome Plant
This Anthurium came super nice and healthy and you wouldn't never think it has travelled so far to SE Asia. It is a really good shipper for an Anthurium. It looks even better than the anthuriums I can find locally. I am quoting a friend who saw it when it arrived yesterday and went "that's a handsome plant". Highly recommended.
Absolutely perfect
This was my first import order so I was nervous how she'd arrive - she was absolutely perfect when I got her. No yellowing or damaged leaves, roots in perfect condition...and she was larger and more beautiful in person!! Immediately went and placed another order the same day.
Nice adult plant
Received a healthy plant with 3 full leaves, 2 picture perfect and one a bit quirky as if it did not unfurl correctly, but nevertheless healthy. Roots in great condition, I'd say it loved the transport!
Beautiful specimen
Arrived with a very nice healthy root ball, two healthy leaves about 7in/17.78cm. Very minor shipping damage. This particular plant has gorgeous dark leaves, with very striking white veining. After about two weeks I’m getting a new leaf starting to form, and a few new aerial roots at the surface. Very happy with my purchase.
Arriver très rapidement
Super emballage
Plante en parfaite état
Je recommande
very good
quickly settled into singapore conditions and given a new leaf within a month
Gorgeous surprise.
This is a hard anthurium, healthy and had a new leaf unfurl during acclimation.
Very lovely velvet leaves that are thick.
Healthy and beautiful plant
Beautiful 3 leaves plant with good root system. Thank you !
Photogenic beauty
Bought 2 pots and both arrived in pristine condition.

Took some pictures of my Anthurium collection and was surprised how photogenic this cardboard-leaf plant look in photos; amazing veins!

Finally pushing out new leaves after 2 months here in my greenhouse.

Thanks Christian for sending me such amazing plants once again.
Villenaorum arrived healthy with great roots. There was very little damage from shipping, packaging was on point! Plant was larger than expected and Beautiful! Thank you Ecuagenera for another great plant at a great rate!
Flew all the way 2 holland and its in perfect condition. Beautifull leaves and Im really happy!
Beautiful plant
Received a beautiful specimen with 3-4 leaves and it is currently pushing out an inflorescence already. The other leaves are a bit damaged and wrinkly but the plant itself is healthy and decently big for the price as always
Good health, good roots, very happy ;)
Beautifull plant with 4 perfect leaves!
Gorgeous plant!
Arrived so healthy and much bigger than I expected. For a more detailed review of the plants I purchased and the buying process, feel free to check out my blog post at For tips on acclimating your plants, check out
I don't usually write reviews but this company deserves one. They were on top of everything and the plant arrived beyond my expectations. Thank you Ecuagenera for the care you put into these plants and the customer service I received.
Very pretty young plant
Plant arrived in pretty much perfect condition, happy with the purchase!
very nice
plant arrived in very good condition & I can't wait to place another order
honestly more like a 3.5 stars
shipped well to singapore
leaves and root ball were healthy
but the paper packaging got damp and was touching the leaves, therefore causing it to go mushy and kind of 'melt'.
so aesthetically, it wasn't that great but it was a healthy plant nonetheless and has since pushed out new growth
tough plant in great condition
The plant arrived in great condition, good root system, of course some damages on the leafes - but those are tough. I didn't know that! The veining is pretty and the plant came with 4 leafes in decent size.
I got a HUGE plant, way bigger than I was expecting with several leaves and a very healthy root system. Other than trimming a few damaged roots (normal after shipping) the plant looks very healthy and it's absolutely beautiful.
super thick hardy leaves, it's an easy shipper. Doing great for me in a blend of sphag, perlite, orchid bark, charcoal, and slow release fertilizer.
I have never received a plant this perfect from a shipper in the same country as me. It arrived so happy and healthy, with only one leaf lost. The roots were in great shape and the plant is thriving. Thank you!
Beautiful, Healthy Plant!
This plant might as well have teleported in, for all it seems to have been effected by shipping. Been here nearly a week, has had absolutely no root rot and no leaf damage. It took a while to relax out of the position that it was shipped in, but now that it has you wouldn't be able to tell it was an import!
I got a very beautiful and healthy plant without any damage. It has three leaves and a fantastic root system
About 1 inch of 1 root on it
This plant arrived with practically ZERO roots--it one root about 3 inches but 2 were snapped off from the packaging--and only four small leaves, one of which has cinched marks on it from stress during its development. Three weeks in and it hasn't lost a single leaf though, and its leaves are still quite beautiful, so I can't complain too too much.
perfect condition
The packing is amazingly good. The plants arrived safe and sound. Good size plants and price comparision. Definetly recommended!
All the beauty of velvet without the fuss
I was impressed - very beautiful plant - pictures don't do it justice. Easily one of my favourites. Traveled safely and I'm very satisfied with my purchase!
cute plant
the petioles of this plant is short and sturdy, very unique and cute growth pattern! mine came with leaves and roots in great condition! can't wait to see them grow longer :)
I am very satisfied with this purchase, The plant looks very healthy and does not looks stressed from shipping.
I think this is a bit of an underrated plant. I love it, but am disappointed that mine only came with 2 leaves.
My plant arrived with 4 leaves, the largest a bit bigger than my hand. Only a small bit of shipping damage on the lowest leaf. Roots were super healthy as well
Beautiful leaves but roots arrived broken
The plant I received had 4 large leaves and what looked to have been a large heathy looking root system. Unfortunately, during the shipping/inspection process, almost all of the roots were broken! It's unfortunate because there had clearly been so many thick healthy roots. After removing all the broken roots, I essentially had a very lightly rooted cutting. I've been rehabbing this plant for a week so far and I'm pleasantly surprised that this is a very resilient plant. None of the leaves are yellowing even though almost all of its roots got broken. Fingers crossed that the plant is able to regrow its roots and thrive under my care. I had notified Ecuagenera of the damage upon unpacking and their excellent support staff did mention that they will refund/replace if the plant does not survive.
Small plant but has healthy roots.
Good roots and 3 healthy leaves. Mine plant has lighter leaves than the ones shown in the photos. Did not ship express.
Precise description, arrived in a great condition
Plant arrived with healthy roots and 2 leaves. Thank you much and will look forward to make a new deal soon!
Top quality foliage
Mine came almost identical sized as the picture. 3 strong leaves. Healthy roots. 2 day shipping helps. Heat pack was included. Be the envy of your planty pals.
Gorgeous plant!
My plant arrived well, especially because it shipped in winter weather. It came with 3 leaves, one of which is on the way out. The root system was good. This plant has gorgeous leaves. I can't wait for it to flush out. Very happy with my purchase!
Awesome plant & shipping.
The whole process, even if it takes a while to ship to the EU, went perfect! It shipped perfectly and arrived in amazing condition. Thank you Ecuagenera, I'm really happy with the purchase!
Lovely plant - EU delivery
I received a beautiful specimen with 4 leaves with no scratches, yellowing or any visible transit stress whatsoever. Root system was rather small but healthy, with root ball intact. Delivered without heat pack during under 0°C weather and so far living it’s best life in my care (about a week or so).
Love this specimen!
Received the product with 1root (very little roots), not sure if the roots shrank during shipping. Specimen arrived healthy, it has this thick matte velvety leaves loved how it looked! I'm still rehabbing this anthurium Hopefully it will give me more roots, just hoping this plant won't die on me.
Beautiful plant. The new leaf has unfurled and looks perfect. A small bit of transport damage but overall a healthy and beautiful plant.
Arrived healthy with nice roots and perfect leaves. No imperfections on the leaves so I am very happy about that.
Ich habe die Pflanze in Schloss Holte abholen können und bin begeistert.
Die Pflanze ist gesund, gut bewurzelt. Und total schön.
Nice leaves but roots rotten in transit
Arrived with leaves looking nice but all the roots were rotten. Not sure how many roots there were to begin with. I am trying to rehab it. Leaves are still in good shape.
Amazing healthy plant
Healthy roots, bigger plant for being a seedling
I'm very happy a new leafe just started to come out
Beautiful plant
Plant arrived extremely healthy.
One of its leaves did get knocked off in the transport, which is a pity, but the plant will recover.
It is a little bit smaller than I hoped (than it is in the advertisement )
Still, a beautiful plant. Healthy roots. Well packaged.
Good but small
Very small seedling. But very healthy.
Good condition
Received the plant in good condition, just minor tear in one of the 3 leaves. Roots are ok. It is a small plant but it is a reasonable size since it is stated as seedling plant. This plant shipped quite well.
Not the best.
Usually the anthuriums I buy from Ecuagenera have great roots, but my villenaorum arrived with extensive root rot. I had to remove most of the roots. Additionally, it has one so-so leaf, and one leaf half gone from damage. For the price, I would not buy this one again.
5 stars
Very pleased with my two plants. Full plants with multiple leaves, some rot that I clipped away. They are doing well in my recovery greenhouse. No leaf loss.
Nice specimen
Nice plant - I ordere last year, when - as I suppose - the plants sold were larger. Unike most of anthuriums I ordered at Ecuagenera, it did not loose all its leaves.
not a very good condition
we know Anthuriums get stressed with shipping but this little guy had root rots and lost a leaf on the way. (From Ecagenera only plants that are shipped in sphagnum moss get root rot).
But it has enough healthy roots and a healthy leaf. So I hope it stays alive.
Small plant
Good plant but didn't realize it was a seedling. At the time of purchase only picture of mature form of plant (2nd picture on website currently) was shown. Okay roots and leaves had a couple yellow spots.
5 stars
Small but healthy plant healthy roots