Pleurothallis cypripedioides

Pleurothallis cypripedioides


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fine plant! (29.04.2021)
Beautiful little plant. Getting my first flowers (09.10.2019)
This little guy has been growing nicely since I got it in January 2019 (9 months ago). It has added many leaves and now is a nice bunch of 25 leaves. It started flowering about three weeks ago. The first blossom is still looking very good. The second is just opening, and a 3rd is developing. I grow it under four 24 inch T5 bulbs, about 20 cm from one light at the end of the fixture, so medium light. I have a misting system that keeps things moist. They get sprayed about 5 times a day for 30 seconds, and this plant is not directly under the spray so it is getting a light misting. The window is northeast facing in New York City, so the dominant light is from the T5 light bulbs.
A nice miniture plant (21.07.2018)
Come with a good condition

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