Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset (medium)

Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset (medium)


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Some things to know: (22.11.2022)
So... This plant doesn't ship well -- it just doesn't, expect SOME magnitude of shipping stress. Period.

Now, MY experience is that I've had to buy this plant from Ecuagenera twice. The first time was my first order from Ecuagenera altogether, I had bought 5-6 plants together to pick up at a pop-up nearby. Everything in my order was a little rough when I picked it up, but the V. Amazon Sunset, (while it still had two beautiful leaves) had absolutely zero roots whatsoever. It had 2-3 dead, yellow leaves and 2 that were still holding on to their beautiful colors, but it looked like it was less a plant, and moreso just a semi-recent top-cut off of a bigger plant -- the base of the stem was completely black, and rotted. What was really crazy was that you could FEEL the spongy-ness all the way up the stem and through each petiole too -- it was just totally rotted from the inside out.

Unfortunately, the day after the pop-up, that b-word, Rona finally caught up to me and so for the next 2 weeks I was just totally, deleriously out of commission. That first V. AS and another couple other DOA plants in that order were very clearly something I should have reported in for replacement, but I was so sick that I just never got around to talking to Ecuagenera (ended up having to just eat the cost - honestly didn't think I'd ever order from them again after that)

But then, a bit later I was still really craving the ability to cross that Amazon Sunset off my list... I figured I couldn't possibly get sick again so quickly, and decided to try one more time. The second V. AS was a bit smaller -- had one small dead yellow leaf, one that arrived in the beginning stages of yellowing, and then 2 perfectly beautiful, dark velvet and deep red-backed leaves. It had a decently developed root system, with truly minimal root rot, and the stem was firm all the way through. It is worth mentioning, the plant did re-absorb and drop all but the one top leaf while it was rehabbed and acclimated over the first month.

I did get it to push new roots from each and every node, so I split it into 6 single-node cuttings, (5 "mids" and the crown) and so far I've got new sprouts from all 5 mids' axillary buds -- the top cut's terminal bud is still a bit stagnant, but that was to be expected while it works on its new roots. I have all the faith it will pull through and push foliar growth again within the next couple weeks.

All that said, be aware this one's kinda a mixed pot -- I don't think I'd recommend getting this one imported if you don't have a whole lot of plant-triage experience, but even if you do it's still a bit of work.

Like I said, expect SOME magnitude of shipping stress -- hope it's less, but be ready for it to be a lot more!
Didn't survive (30.10.2022)
This was my 1st time ordering from Ecuagenera and it was a bit disappointing. All of the leaves were yellowing and turning brown. I'm contemplating cutting it up. The stem was kind of shriveled up as well, so I'm not sure how viable the nodes would be.
Don't recommand (27.08.2022)
I recieved this plant three days ago:

- all the leaves petioles turned soft and the leaves, although not yellow, fell.
- stem is turning mushy already.

Do not buy this plant I truly believe, based on all the other reviews that this is not a plant to be shipped in general.
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