Dendrobium subacaule orange x red

Dendrobium subacaule orange x red

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well grown plants (21.09.2021)
I paid for 2nd day air and the plants arrived in decent health. Many of the roots were dead: they were papery and didn't become green when watered. However, each plant had many pseudobulbs, many leaves, even some flowers, and currently, nearly 4 wks after mounting them, only a few leaves have fallen. My only disappointment is that the flower color is a soft orange (cantelope color) rather than the more vivid red of the photo. This species is rarely for sale, so I am happy with the two I bought.
Does not ship well (19.06.2021)
Unfortunately this plant lost most of the leaves in transit. Other oxyglossums that were shipped at the same time arrived in good condition.

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