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Specklinia grobyi small
Specklinia grobyi small

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Cute little mini orchid
Arrived well packaged and in good condition. Ecuador - FL - North Carolina in winter, experienced some shock but not bad at all - about 20% leaf drop. Very nice sized, healthy plant. Mounted in vivarium, 70-80% humidity under Jungle Dawn LEDs, mini fan.
A interesting plant
Arrived in good condition. Growing well now.
Exellent plant !!!
I am especially pleased with this plant is very compact and it takes up the entire pad and looks healthy.
Great mini-miniature orchid
Arrived in great condition. Big enough to be divided, leaves are about 1 inch. Mounted on cork, growing in a terrarium with LED lighting at about 1700 fc. Allowing to dry lightly between watering, with humidity between 65-85%, and air circulation provided by a mini fan.