Maxillaria huebschii form red

Maxillaria huebschii form red


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Excellent (09.09.2021)
The size of the mature Maxillaria huebshcii really surprised and delighted me! I needed a 5 inch pot to accommodate it with no excess room. The lush foliage arrived in very good condition with lots of new shoots, but one mature leaf had a brown oval region which appeared to be from heat damage suffered in transit. The damage fortunately was mostly cosmetic. This Max. has done beautifully here in bright shade with ample moisture.
Magnificent mature Max. with lots of new growth! (29.03.2017)
This large specimen arrived with verdant, unblemished foliage and seven new vegetative spikes sprouting! I promptly potted it in fresh sphagnum moss mix and it continues to flourish with no signs of having traveled so far. Fantastic!

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