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Healthy but small
Healthy roots and overall state, but too small
Plante de très petite taille et arrivée pourrie.
Only a very recent cut with only a barely rooted new growth with dead roots! inadmissible.
Not bad, but small seedlings. 状態は悪くないものの小さい株
How long will it take to flower?
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Ordered two plants and both arrived in excellent condition. Mounted both on an oak branch. Growing next to several Tolumnias which grow well for me. Keeping roots exposed to dry quickly and mist every day in spring, summer and fall. Hope to see blooms.
Very highly
It arrived in perfect shape and is growing well
Very nice, both plants were in bud when received
The plants have bloomed and are growing well, they had nice roots when received. They have acclimated to my greenhouse and are mounted on tree fern.