Lycaste linguella

Lycaste linguella


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tres bien (03.11.2021)
belle plante avec plusieurs gros bulbes
Damaged in transit, ghosted by Ecuagenera (28.12.2020)
Due to delays by the postal service, this was in the transit for over 2.5 weeks. It was quite damaged when it arrived. Ecuagenera refused to respond to 10 emails on this topics, they totally ghosted me. They also shorted me a plant on this order.
excellent, 6 stars plant (20.09.2020)
I received a huge clump of this species, 5 matured pseudobulbs and two shots with a flower and a bud!
It has been weeks that I planted it and since then it has continously been pushing out new shots and flowers!
I would give 6 stars for this plant If I could!
Thank you!

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