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Cischweinfia dasyandra
Cischweinfia dasyandra

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 3,3
poor to fair
Definitely with a fungal infection. Got this from Santa Ana Zoo. when I unwrapped the paper, multiple leaf fell off. More than half of the tiny bulbs are brownish. Leaf can be pulled off without effort, etc. Sprayed with Fungicide. Potted. Will wait and see.
Nice plant!
I must join the others....5 stars for this plant!
In all my years I have never received so much. This is a mini species but there was uncountable growths in what I received. I decided to divide the plant into three pots. A very healthy plant... I am eager to see this bloom.
this is a large healthy clump
I potted it in bark and seems to be growing well
Nice and healty
Very poor. The plant arrived with several black leaves. The rest of the plant died the next week
Good size, healthy
Not sure if it is a transportation issue or plant it’s own problem, plant rotten within 2-3 days.
Good deal, but with a rot problem.
This plant would have been an excellent value. I received a very large clump (20+ pseudobulbs) at pickup at the SEPOS show. It was wrapped in wet paper towels in plastic, a packaging method that clearly worked well for the other plant I ordered (a phrag), but less so for this little guy. All the roots were a loss, and more than half of the pseudobulbs were rotten. After treatment with fungicides and drying, the remainder of the plant is doing well. Would have been a fantastic purchase if the plant had been packaged a bit drier I think. I’m still looking forward to its sweet blooms, and the price is definitely right if you’re looking to try something a little unusual!
Better left in nature...
This orchid has such potential beauty, but is too delicate to provide the needed growing conditions in captivity. I received the orchid in decent shape, but I suspect the transition from SA to NA was definitely a shock.