Brassocattleya Fuchs Star

Brassocattleya Fuchs Star


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Poor (19.06.2022)
Large division apparently good upon receipt.
Roots: many, but all completely dead.
2 days upon arrival rhizomes started collapsing and if I held the plant it would crumble and break in a few regions of rhizome which are black and mushy. There is a health issue either fungal death or virus.
All crumbled rhizomes into pieces and will zero roots I believe this plant is die soon.
This is the third attempt. Last two perished fast after arrival.
Sad since it's a wonderful hybrid of two nice species.
Compliqué à faire racinée (23.05.2022)
3 étoiles juste parce que je ne connaissais pas cette famille de plante et je voulais testé pour le plaisir de la voire fleurir un jour chez moi mais pas facile pour une débutante. Je croise les doigts
Great size (27.03.2022)
Healthy and blooming size, with new pseudobulbs starting. Doing well so far.
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