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Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg
Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,7
The best deal ever for me!
I just received a huge plant and divided it. Now I have 2 big and healthy Phrag. orchids for $40! Thank you so much!
I expected more for the price
Arrived with a skinny spike that turned yellow within 2 days. In total the plant arrived with 1 mature growth with aborted spike, 2 stunt growth, 1 growth with bent leaves, barely any viable roots.
I am very thrilled with this plant
Shipping was prompt, packing was secure and well prepared for the trip. Roots were healthy and still damp. Foliage had great colour and was healthy.
I ordered two plants, which came in with two and three mature fans, respectively. A few minor leaf blemishes likely from the shipping. I expect these to establish quickly and probably bloom next year.
Pretty good
This is part of the pre-order for pick up at an orchid show. However, show was cancelled. Ecuagenera delivered my order to home address. I received a mature-sized orchid with some dried leave tips, likely caused by shipping. The plant otherwise still looked OK with some healthy growths.
I received a beautiful mature size plant and it had a flower spike starting. I will probably loose the flowers because the roots were not healthy, but will see. Overall it was a good size healthy plant.
Outstanding. Big, healthy, good roots, EXCELLENT value
This was part of a pre-order which I picked up at the Tamiami Show (Florida). All the plants were in excellent condition and bigger than what I expected! Ivan and his team, of course, gave me great culture tips for my more exotic selections. This was my first pre-order ever and I will DEFINITELY pre-order again from Ecuagenera. Totally the way to go.
Plant was huge and healthy with perfect root system, very nice!
This came in excellenct shape. The size is wonderful and was in spike, though I did lose the buds before flowering. Not a big deal. Very healthy and great price. Well done!
Ordered 2 plants and received them in near blooming size. Nice healthy plants. Should see flowers this year. I will definitely be ordering again.
Awesome size
I love it. Good Size and healthy. Nice job guys!
The plant is a nice size and very healthy. I expect it to bloom within the year. I have purchased this plant a couple times before at a local show and they have is blooming now in my shadehouse.