Oncidium Leoquina

Oncidium Leoquina


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These look like very fine plants (30.09.2023)
This and five others were our first order. We picked them up from the Montreal Pop-up yesterday.
all six look to be in excellent condition, but we will have to withhold judgement until we see how they do over then next few weeks and when they bloom.

We had thought they might be a little closer to budding or bloom on arrival, but that is probably a misunderstanding on our part. We will see.

If they come anywhere near to what we hoped, they will be glorious.
Large healthy orchid (21.09.2023)
As always plants are well packed and beautiful. Great value for money and customer service is fantastic. When I receive my orchids I will soak the roots in seaweed tonic and calmag before potting up in appropriate media. This helps to settle them to the UK climate.

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