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Anthurium scolopendrinum
Anthurium scolopendrinum

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This is a great Anthurium for people that that aren't to sure about Anthuriums. After just three months I am already getting new leaves over 18" tall. This is going to be a big one once it grows up.
Beautiful large plant
I received a beautiful large plant with 7 lusciously thick velvet strap leaves, the longest of which is over 35 cm and a new one is on the way. It arrived much larger than i anticipated. Healthy roots and no damage. There is only one dry spot on the entire plant and it is minor. consider this a near perfect specimen. There is an active growth point starting on the side as well. I am keeping it in medium humidity under grow lights and it seems pretty happy after a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing how it matures!
Very big plant
with six leaves and many healthy roots. It is a steal for the price and I am sure it will grow very well. The leaves of my plant are up to 30cm+ in size.
Came in perfect shape. No leaves were lost in shipping and the roots looked fantastic!
Large happy plant!
Received a nice looking, big plant with good roots. No complaints!