Philodendron rubrijuvenile "El Choco Red"

Philodendron rubrijuvenile "El Choco Red"


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Awesome plant, acclimated fast (10.09.2023)
Ordered this plant Aug 22, came with two leaves, healthy roots. After a year, it now has five, even bigger leaves, without any moss pole, I just have a stick so it doesn't fall over. Grows well even if you live in a place with lower humidity.
Almost dead on arrival (14.04.2023)
The plant lost most leaves in transport, it arrived with only one which was yellow and died two days later. 2 stars because Ecuagenera agreed to send me another plant.
Healthy plant, growing well (13.03.2023)
I received in Jan 2023, now is Mar 2023. The plant is doing very well, it had strong roots and every month it shoots out new leaves - 2 leaves in 2 months.
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