Philodendron elegans

Philodendron elegans


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Leaves not great, roots healthy (24.07.2022)
Unfortunately many of this plants leaves came in yellow and quite a few were dropped, fortunately though this plant came in quite large and the roots were just fine, it recovered from shipping without a problem, and I have propagated it multiple times now.
Arrived W/ Lower Half Complete Mush (22.04.2022)
Upon receiving and in packaging this plant from my 3 plant order I opened the brown bag that the plant was placed inside of for transport. Immediately noticed the lowest leaf was an actual pile of mush laying on the paper. The petiole it was originally attached to was completely yellow and water logged and fell off with a slight nudge. The node that the leaf had attached to the main stem of the plant was half rotten leaving a big chunk missing and all of the roots were a giant ball of rot which of course also had an extremely pungent stench of rotten fish “fertilizer”. Should be a fun complete rehab project.
4 stars (07.04.2022)
It showed up big and healthy looking but unfortunately the root system was very small. I put him in water to try to grow more. Lost a couple leaves but so far so good. He is still alive!
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