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Philodendron corrugatum
Philodendron corrugatum 4

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Great plant, but a bit of a roller-coaster
A beautiful plant and the specimen shipped by Ecuagenera had four large leaves and a large and healthy root system. Unfortunately, all the leaves started yellowing after unboxing, and I lost two of them in the following day. Initially, the plant was placed in a cooler room, with appropriate humidity, but was moved to a warmer environment when noticing the yellowing of the leaves. It seemed to thrive in this warmer environment, and even put out new (but smaller) growth in the following month. Compared to my other philodendron, I find this species more sensitive to even the slightest changes, although it also seems to be a species able to bounce back relatively quickly.
Did not ship well
Leaves were yellow and browning on arrival. Died back within a matter of days. Hoping for the best, but after a few weeks, it's turned into a chop/prop project. I will say that I am generally happy with the care Ecuagenera puts into shipping, this one was just not meant to happen.
Leaves succumbed to death
Arrived completely yellow. I have no idea what happened since an A. regale arrived with it in the same box and was flawless.

However, it has been recovering since it arrived about 3 weeks ago or so. New leaf is unrolling with some aerial roots. It's growing in 95% R/H under optimal light.

IG: ryans_orchids
One of my favourite plant.
The plant was much bigger than expected and just simply breathtaking. I am surprised how well it traveled all the way from Ecuador to Ireland, it has acclimatised really well and producing a massive new leaf. Do not it!!!!
Wishlist plant!
So excited to have received this, looking so great! This was a wishlist plant and I can not wait to see how beautiful it gets as it grows!
Green Beauty
Very beautiful plant, extremely happy with it, came in good conditions.
So nice to look at this plant with the structures, leafsize and wonderful green, can't wait for new leaves.
Thank you for the service and this pretty addition!
o yes
She's so beautiful I can't look at her
.Large, healthy and completely undamaged.
Thank you again. Highly recommended.
Arrived in Europe and across Europe. Unbelievable.
Thanks again
great plant
Super healthy root system. Leaves weren't shipped well with some damages. However, one new leaf unfurled after 2 weeks and it was beautiful.
Very Interesting Light Green Angular Foiliage
Really like the sharp and angular growth and the corrugated light green foliage. A very unique plant. Shipped and packed very well. I had issues in CA without a humidity dome and lost all but one leaf quickly. This plant needed me to provide a smoother transition. Keep this in mind in warmer, more arid climates. Looking forward to figuring this one out.
perfectly endured the shipment
Smaller than pictured, plant with two but healthy leaves. Quickly picked up on growth thanks to healthy roots.
two beautifiul healthy leaves third on it's way. easy to grow. proper for the beginner collectors.