Corytoplectus cutucuensis

Corytoplectus cutucuensis


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An exercise in patience. (22.05.2022)
Looked like absolute garbage when I first got it, all the leaves became this horrible smelling red organic paste. I gave it some time, potted it up in some chunky mix, and waited what felt like FOREVER, BUT! These plants are very hardy. Mine is growing back, the leaves are so fuzzy!! If you have time to wait, thus plant is well worth it. The sap stains clothing by the way, learned that the hard way haha.
beautiful plant (15.02.2022)
A nice sized plant and in flower already when it arrived. It showed no signs of stress when it arrived and will hopefully settle in very quickly to my growing conditions.
A big beauty (06.12.2020)
Such a beautiful and large plant. Took stress from the long journey but seems to cope well in my care.

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