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Anthurium cutucuense

Anthurium cutucuense

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,3
Leuke plant
Mooi plantje. Heeft niet geleden onder het vervoer. Is 2 dagen onderweg geweest. Plant heeft één nacht in superthrive gestaan en is daarna opgepot in aroid mix. Staat in mijn woonkamer onder een groeilamp. Is nu na 2 weken nog steeds mooi, geen geel blad, helemaal gaaf. Ik hoop dat hij zo doorgroeit. Kortom zeker het proberen waard.
Needs very special care.
Arrived stressed in an order with other plants. It never really recovered.
I kept mine in a high humidity terrarium with LED lights. It gradually died over the period of a month and I feel like it just did not handle shipping well and never recovered.
I gave it two stars since it didn't arrive in the best shape but did not recover from my attempts to save it.
Very dry
5 stars
Just stunning! There isn’t another outlet that I can find anywhere near me(UK) that carries this plant, the one I received was in very good health and bigger than I expected, clearly packaged with care.
Plant was bigger than expected with roots in great shape, all it needed was a good soak and potted it up.
Doesn't ship well at all
Arrived 1 week ago. It's the second time I order this plant and on both occasions the shipping shock was bad. It has however good roots. So unless you are ready for a long rehab, I would not recommend.
Ok overall
It seems not to withstand transport well, but I got a refund.
Some shipping problems, but fully refunded
Shipping to Austria.
The plant is rather delicate, so it had mold that formed on the leaves during shipping, because the packaging was a little too damp. I lost almost all the leaves, but thankfully ecuagenera fully refunded me.
The plant has been in very high humidity setting ~90% since it arrived to me and is recovering. I am positively impressed that despite all the damage from shipping it still managed to recover. I am however still scared to lower the humidity, so until I get some courage it will stay in a closed box on my windowsill. I will not recommend this plant for a beginner, but if you have some experience, it's defenetly an interesting specimen worth having!
Rebounded from shipping damage very fast!
This arrived during an unseasonal snap of night time frost.

It had a few damaged leaf which died rapidly. However the rest of the plant did amazing once I put it in it's terrarium home at 80°f with 90% humidity.
It's growing very well now
what a beauty is that
great condition , healthy roots and beautiful dark green leaves !
really good condition
healthy roots and deep green leafs
Came with rotted leaves
I took off one star cause the leaves were wet and they stuck to the plastic, so it came with rotted leaves. The roots are okay. Maybe protecting the leaves to prevent them getting wet next time will be helpful. It's been about 3 weeks so still waiting to see if a new leaf will emerge.
This plant has been on my wishlist for a long time. I was so shocked and impressed at the size and health of the plant!! The entire process from start to finish was so easy and Karla reached out to me to discuss shipping was so kind and helpful and responded to me very fast. I have already purchased another wish list plant. Thank you thank you!!
Beautiful Little Plant
So in love with this plant. I have it in sphagnum moss and in a cloche. It is doing very well. It is lovely. So glad I added it last minute. Loved the Thanksgiving special Ecuagenera was running. Many wish list plants were acquired. This one is absolutely beautiful and super healthy. Thank you Ecuagenera and Karla for always helping me out.
Beautiful plant
I received a nice small plant. The leaves are just beautiful and extraordinary. Root System is intact no rotting.
healthy with beautiful leaves
i got this quite recently and the general plant is healthy. dropped a couple of leaves that turned yellow in the following days but the small root system seems to be going strong. no new leaves yet but my specimen is at the tri lobed stage already so I'm sure the next leaf will be just as beautiful!
Very nice healthy plant
Plant received was a decent size with some nice roots. It's youngest leaf didn't make it due to shipping stress I'm sure, but its recovering and has acclimated so nicely and new growth is coming along. I'm very pleased, I've been after this one for awhile.
Healthy plant
My plant arrived in Georgia USA healthy. It has lost one of the original leaves but I am hoping it will acclimate to my home and take off soon. The remaining leaf still looks healthy.
Love it!
This had been a wish list plant for a while. Arrives in perfect health with no leaf loss, and plenty of roots!
Decent size specimen and looks healthy!
I am thrilled to have one of these now, so far doing well in passive hydroponic and so far no excessive leaf loss. Fingers crossed it will do well for me. Received a beautiful specimen.
Looks good - even without roots
Received this a few days back and decided to pot it and check the roots - just to find out that what I had received was just a rootless cutting. The leaves look so good that I didn't even think of this option. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that it'll root easily.
Very nice looking specimen
I received this plant just couple days ago and it seems to adapt to its new environment pretty quickly. There is no yellowing or brown edges. The plant came with a large stem which makes it easy to propagate when the main plant declines. The plant I received had already three leaves out of which all three had characteristic trisected leaves.Overall great buy!
Small 2-leaved plant received
Only a 2 leaf specimen received, nothing at all like picture. 1 of the leaves was damaged in shipping. Kinda disappointing...
Perfect Specimen
Some leaves dried out due to shipping delays but I'm left with a perfect specimen. The leaf is about 10 inches with a long petiole! I will order from them again.