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Anthurium cuspidatum
Anthurium cuspidatum

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Impressive plant seller, well grown and packaged ,sent with care.
Dunno about the complainers out there, anything from Ecuagenera as of yet is of the highest quality.
Ecuageneras quality of material, packaging and speed of shipping from Ecuador are impressive!
We must remember, a percentage of leaves falling off, changing color/s ,lost should be expected. The plant is grown in "tropical "conditions and then "ripped" out of those conditions and sent on a long journey, that most likely is not tropical. We must remember, as long as the plant looks to be well grown and healthy, it usually bounces back quickly without so much as extra care. As long as the basic conditions are met, warmth, humidity and proper light ventilation etc, it should do well in it's new home.
Looks like photos, good roots, rougher leaves than expected
It arrived with three leaves and good roots. The leaves are actually rougher than I thought they would be, almost a bit like sandpaper. That's not bad per se but not what I expected. It has been slower to grow than my other anthuriums, but seems to be a hardy one still.
Excellent shipper
Arrived in perfect condition. The one that I received looks like the stock photo. It did not lose any leaves during acclimation and has already put a new one out about a month or so after I've received it.
I received this plant on June 22. It came from Ecuador and then shipped from their Florida facility. It came in with 3 leaves. Two have dropped. The roots were mainly not viable when I received it. It had a long journey so I kind of expected some leaf/root die off. I I have it in a part potting soil part orchid mix. It receives light from a south facing window and that is supplemented with a solute has grow light. Humidity is provided by a humidifier and temps are high 70’s. The third leaf is slowly dying off but I’m hoping those nutrients will go back into root production. Should be a slow journey but I’m hoping it produces new leaves in a couple of weeks. I really like this plant. Fingers crossed.
Easy to grow, fast to adapt.
Though not as pretty as some of the more spectacular Anthurium, this plant is an easy to grow quick starter. Growing under t-5 fluorescent and near a window.