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Anthurium argyrostachyum 'Velvety'

Anthurium argyrostachyum 'Velvety'

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Stunning plant!
The plant came in very good condition, on one of the two leaves there was a visible lesion resembling a light coating, but according to the advice I used an antifungal treatment and the lesion did not enlarge, and even slightly decreased. Unfortunately, the growth cone rotted, but already the plant has developed a new one and has taken up growth. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the purchase.
Bought at a pop-up in Chicago. Leafs were beautiful but most of the roots were rotten which I couldn't see until I unwrapped it. Left with 3 good roots. Hopefully she will make it!
Plant came with 3 decently size leaves. 2 out of the 3 leaves were yellow and brown and the third leaf was half brown. The roots look good and expect a good adjustment.
Beautiful plant
The one I got is almost exactly as pictured here. And while I thought it was going to be larger, coming back and looking at the photo it is just about the same size. Leaves and roots are both in great condition! Another fabulous addition to my collection!
Yes, yes, yes!
Plant is amazing! Beautiful, velvety leaves. I got super healthy plant with nice root system. 5 nice leaves (not very big but without any damages) and new is coming after 10 days :)
Smaller than expected, but beautiful
When I saw it in the picture, i somehow imagined it will be a large specimen.
I received a rather small plant. (leaves 10-15cm)
Still a very very beautiful plant.
A hair smaller than expected from all of the pictures, but stunning.
Arrived in great shape. Of everything in the order, this one had the best root system. Leaves were all nearly flawless. I almost didn't order this one as there were 2 other plants in the order I wanted more. After seeing this one, I've changed my mine. Long, soft velvety leaves, pronounced sinus with upright lobes. At this size, it's fits right in with the strap Anthurium side of the shelf.
Very Good
I bought three units of this plant. As I live in a very tropical country where summer is the only climate, I was concerned that the heat might be too much for it. So I placed each of the plants in three different locations. It does best in a shaded area with medium indirect light. Need to avoid overwatering. It then grows very beautifully albeit a bit slowly for me. The plants came in good condition with intact leaves and roots.
Very poor packing and handling
I ordered this plant and another for pickup at a show in Tacoma. Both of them were in extremely poor condition. All the stems were snapped so I am rehabilitating stumps currently. It's a shame because this would have been so beautiful. Have emailed but never received a response. Very disappointed in the quality for something I drove 4 hours to pick-up.