Philodendron lynamii

Philodendron lynamii


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Big beautiful plant (14.04.2023)
The plant looked almost as good as in the picture. 60cm high, with big, mostly undamaged leaves. After a week it is doing really well.
Growing strong & steady (13.03.2023)
I received in Jan 2023, now is Mar 2023. The plant is doing very well, it had strong roots. It grow a new leaf by 2nd month, super big. I like this slow growing but steady plant.
Beautiful and Nice size (10.11.2022)
It is 2 1/2 months since i received this plant (1 out of 10+) and It arrived unaffected by shipping (which i paid for expedited shipping). Very nice size plant, root system was descent, no damaged or yellowing leaves or severely rotted root system when it arrived. It has not lost any leaves since and the root system has taken off and it is working on pushing a new leaf out. Very happy with my new plant
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