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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 3,6
It died in less than a week
I don't recommend this plant. I died in less than a week. Waste of money
I've wanted this plant for so long!
So glad I was finally able to get this plant. The one that I got looks like the one in the photo. I was a bit worried about how it would acclimate, but I'm happy to say that it did well despite its size. I'm so excited to see this grow bigger!
I bought this plant out of curiosity. It arrived in perfect conditions and I am just waiting to see what it'll turn into under my care.
Medium Sized plant
Received a plant with minimal roots, but 3 good solid leaves and a solid growth point. Acclimated well and is putting out roots. Happy with the purchase. Would have given stars if shipped with a more developed root system.
Shipped well, but a little small
One of the better plants amongst those I ordered. I think the more expensive ones are fine. Good root system. Dropped one leaf but is in the midst of putting out a new one. However, it's still a little smaller than expected, with leaf size at about 15cm.
This plant shipped quite well. Was looking forwarding to receive a normal size plant and was disappointed as it small. Should have indicated it is a seedling or juvenile plant.
Shipped well but a little dry
Ordered 1 with usps express to Austin TX. Shipped well as pictured. A little dry, but a good medium root system. Minor leaf damage. Plant is doing well now. Ask for return policy before ordering.