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Philodendron serpens

Philodendron serpens

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Never Received
I never received my order or any response from the seller. Very disappointed.
This plant (which I knew prior) does not ship well. Plant, while appearing very healthy, was super droopy. A week acclimating and it is still droopy. These are dramatic! I have no doubts it will grow on beautifully given proper time.
poor shipper
I have purchased this plant 3 times and received it 4 times and each time the plant has not survive the sipping and if it arrives alive dies soon after, I have dozens of Aroids all thriving except this one
Stem Rot, Down to Node Props
I picked this one up from a local trade show, and it was looking decent. It had two leaves plus a cataphyll. One leaf & petiole and the cataphyll were in good condition, one leaf was limp and starting to yellow. I cut the yellowing leaf/petiole off after a few days. I had it in a pumice/sphag mix, medium-high humidity, and indirect bright light. A few weeks later, the cataphyll had shriveled, and the stem rotted near the roots so I cut it down to two node-chonks. I have one in perlite, the other in soil. Neither has progressed but they're still alive for now. This is a striking species but it didn't seem to travel or re-acclimate well.
great condition
very pleased with this plant! looks healthy with new growth. only slightly wilting from travel but no yellowing.
Although shipped during the cold season to be delivered all the way to Scandinavia, the plant arrived in perfect condition. It arrived with four large leaves, which were all intact upon delivery, not even the slightest yellowing. The roots were strong and bushy. The plant took quite a long time to acclimate, in the sense that no new leaf unfurled for about 3 months, but it kept all its original leaves in nearly perfect condition. No special treatment, except that I keep the plant close to the humidifier so that it receives lots of humidity for about 8 hours daily during the dry months of the year. Yet, the overall humidity in this plant group does not exceeds 60 %. I paid for the speedier delivery, which was much more expensive, but definitely worth it - it took about 5 days from receiving the shipment notification to delivery to the far North.
Rough traveling, but awesome plant
Pre-ordered and picked this plant up at a local pop-up event. Nice, big plant with four sizeable leaves and wonderful color. Well packed, but didn't handle the travel too well. About 50% of the roots were rotten and had to be removed and the rest cleaned before potting. Two weeks later and remaining roots are good (no additional rot or problem). Within hours of potting, despite acclimating in high humidity, the entire plant wilted, badly. Lost two leave and remaining two have discolored patches, but are holding on 2 weeks later. Active growth end appears to have also dried out at the tip, but remains supple, so may not be gone. Stem itself has 3-4 good nodes and a very good looking growth point on one, should I need to chop and prop, so not a lost cause, but watchful care and some patience needed.
Excellent plant
The plant I received had 2 leaves and a new one getting ready to open. In 2 weeks I have lost none of the leaves. When I got this plant the root system was in excellent shape with no rot what so ever.
50/50 You'll Get a Healthy Specimen
Ordered 2 of these specimens from Ecua, 1st came and despite shipping stress acclimated fine and is now healthy. 2nd came with rot in the central petiole and died despite best efforts and conditions. Buy at your own risk :(
Very difficult plant
I've ordered 2x serpens in the past. They always drop all their leaves within a couple of weeks and the stem always rots when I try to prop in perlite.
Hanging in there
This is my second order of Serpens. The first had to be cut down to sticks with nodes. Two are showing signs of new growth, but the third probably won't make it. The current order came with dry, dead roots. I have it in sphagnum in a plastic pot but can observe no new roots yet.
I just love this plant
This was an ultimate wishlist plant for me and I'm so happy to see that Ecuagenera had it available at an affordable price! It came with three leaves and a great root system. It seemed to ship well and I only noticed minimal cosmetic damage on the leaves due to shipping stress. It's already given me a new leaf and another is on the way! Again, I just love this plant and it's definitely my favorite in my collection. Those petioles are just so cool!
Not good
I haven't had luck with these furry plants. It came with one yellow leaf and the second one starting to yellow. It barely had any roots and the ones It had were rotten. I had to cut it down and 5-6 months later it is finally developing roots.
Cute fuzzy stems
Beautiful specimen. They are not the best shippers but mine rehabilitated fast. Patience and humidity, trust me you will be rewarded. I am so in love with this philodendron. Thank you Karla and thank you Ecuagenera.
Poor Shipper
This plant is notorious for shipping poorly, and with good reason. You could tell it was a lovely, large plant with four big leaves. But all those leaves were dead when it arrived and all the roots were rotten. I cut the dead leaves and rot, eventually cut the emerging leaf that also rotted, and left the stump to water root. It is rooting, so it's still alive! But be prepared to do serious rehab for one of these.
Beautiful Plant!!
Received plant in perfect condition with 4 large leaves and new growth. The furry petioles are so gorgeous! Not one yellow leaf. A little wilted due to shipping stress, but that's expected. It's been acclimating in water to rehydrate and it's doing well.
Not great
Has this plant for 2 weeks acclimatization but leave was too stressed from shipping and all turned yellow
young plant in great condition.! Perfect root system. Beautiful to see it
Juvenile plant
I ordered this plant and received a juvenile plant with leaves that were yellowed from shipping stress. Some root rot.
Exceptionally Value for Money
Didn't expect the plant arrived in "Super" Healthy and Large condition based on the price that I paid. Super Happy with this purchase. It comes with 3 pristine large leaves compares other competitor similar specimen which have green hairy stem instead of Ecuagenera's Serpen which is red in color. Highly recommended buy for avid collector.
Beautiful plant
I was nervous about ordering this one because of the price tag and I wasn't sure about whether or not it would acclimate well. I'm happy to say that mine arrived in perfect condition, with two big leaves. One of the leaves yellowed about a week or so into acclimation, but the other one is still green and remained in tact. I would say it took me about a month to see some new roots growing, so overall I'm pretty pleased with this purchase.
Good size but leaves already looked pretty yellow upon arrival
The plant was much larger than I expected with a large stem. The root system was decent with only very minimal rot. The only thing that kept me from a 5 star is that 2 out of the 3 leaves were already yellow and browning by the time I received it (which was only a couple days after shipping from Florida). The third leaf is the only leaf left intact, but it is also very light in color, almost chlorotic looking? I've heard this is a very hardy plant though, so I'm confident it will bounce back and acclimate well.
Beautiful good size plant
It is smaller than I expected but it is packed well. I really never had a problem with the packaging ever since. The plant is thriving and it is really is unique.
Arrived in great conditions. Only one yellow leave. The other 3 perked up after giving it some water. Didn't remove the moss. Very strong plant. Thanks!
No previous experience with this plant
Came as perfect as can be
Came perfect with no yellow leaves; slight dry. Put in 99% humidity and didn't remove from moss, water, and kept in low light (200 or less fc). Dropped 2 leaves, had to cut back dead roots but has since stabilized with enough roots to keep it strong. Acclimated perfectly. Import couldn't of been better.
very expensive, unacclimated wetstick
Received a plant with multiple leaves but every. single. leaf. was yellow so now i am stuck with an expensive wetstick with no roots and im waiting to hear back from the customer service from Ecuagenera to resolve this.
Dream plant
I have been wanting this plant for a long time and I am glad I pulled the trigger and purchased from Ecuagenera. I received one very large plant with multiple leaves with beautiful fur stems. I am very happy!
3.5 stars
arrived in two rather small leaves. but one small tiny is sprouting. Root system is just okay. Honestly it is a healthy plant but a bit disappointed.
Very good
A beautiful specimen with three leaves. Root system is still small so this hasn't been rooting for too long. Arrived in excellent condition.
A beautiful specimen with two big leaves and good, healthy roots. Doesn't show any sign of the long journey to North Europe.
Beautiful and shipped well!
Three leaves with no creases or tears, the youngest one still pale, the oldest slightly yellow with stress, and all still firm. The hairs soooo long and bushy! Roots decent. Lovely specimen that shipped well.
Hit or miss
I ordered two plants last year. One of them died - I think as in other cases due to stem rot. One survived. I didn't bother sending a dead stem all the way back in order to get replacement. So if you order, you have to calculate for losses and this will be the true price you pay for this plant.
Very poor
The first plant died within days of getting it as it came in super poor so I was told I would get a replacement. The replacement plant looks wonderful BUT I don't know because there's too much moisture within the packaging or what. The top of the stem was rotted the moment I opened the package. So there was no turning back so it didn't make it. I did not bother to email back because this is 2 out of 2 that came in poor shape so I give up as the other plant that they replaced did really good.
Absolutely incredible!
Over the moon with this plant. Three beautiful leaves with thick fuzzy petioles, and a fourth leaf just unfurled two days after arrival with no damage - even though it'd been shipped all the way to the EU!
Quickly become my favourite in my collection, highly recommend.
Beautiful plant, one of my favorites. Two big leaves and third on his way. Very well packed. Fantastic service from Ecuagenera!
OMG - love love
this is such a beautiful plant - Ecuagenera shipped all the plants in great shape, beautifully wrapped and all the plants I ordered had great established roots. this one is amazing!!