Bulbophyllum micranthum ex brown river p.n.g

Bulbophyllum micranthum ex brown river p.n.g

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Awesome! (01.10.2019)
I was a bit puzzled to find a large flat package in my shipment, so I opened it first. I was absolutely stunned to see the size of the Bulb. macranthum I received! Two leads projected several inches in different directions over the edge of the old wooden 3x5" mount. I immediately placed the mount on top of a 10 x 8 inch slab of Ecoweb. This vigorous Bulb. is readily sending roots into it's new mount. It has been with me for a couple of weeks and while it isn't blooming yet, the abundance of long, paddle-shaped leaves looks terrific! I think this should be labeled Bulb. macranthum rather than Bulb. micranthum, judging from the flower photo, it's origin of Papua New Guinea and the anatomical characteristics of the plant I received.

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