Restrepia muscifera

Restrepia muscifera


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Very happy (11.03.2023)
Plant arrived in good health. I have had this plant for 1 year and it has been in constant bloom. My growing conditions are a regulated 58°F night to 76°F day, 83% humidity and a 14 hour photoperiod of bright shade.
Bouncing back quickly (27.03.2022)
Plant arrived a bit rough (hey, out of an order of 30 plants you're going to have one or two that don't like shipping) and dropped most of its leaves. However, it's bouncing back pretty quickly and putting out new growth. Happy with it.
Very nice plant (19.01.2022)
The plant I received was very good size and in pretty good health. It was a bit dry but the roots looked decent. It looks to have rebounded after some rehabilitation.
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