Miltonia spectabilis var. moreliana

Miltonia spectabilis var. moreliana

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Very Poor (23.10.2020)
Small, anemic, sickly plant 3 inches tall with a few pseudobulbs. It had a tiny root ball (~2 inches) covered in sphagnum & wrapped in plastic. Most of the roots were rotted along with 2 pseudobulbs. Not worth the money. Poor prognosis for survival. Ugh!
Awesome (10.09.2020)
I actually can’t believe this plant only cost me 10$. Really happy with my purchase. Got a fully mature plant, nice roots, about 7 new growth happening. Can not wait to see it flower!
Excellent with multiple new growths. (08.09.2020)
Fantastic size with 8 new growths coming in, healthy root system, unblemished leaves and already a considerable size.
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